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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Awesome Christmas Gift

Our new fiberglass internet connection was installed last week. Now we have HD senders which are awesome. The quality of the films are better than the ordinary senders. We plan to have a new tv and a good sound system for an ultimate viewing. Since last week we have been searching on the net and visiting different stores in the city for a new tv. This TVee Model 30 sound system attracts and interests us. It has Premium LCR HDTV Soundbar Speaker and Wireless Subwoofer with Virtual Surround Sound and Bluetooth which is a perfect tv in the living room. But we will wait until next month since there will be sales. Most of the stores are giving away 30-40 % discounts on Christmas time. This will be an awesome gift for the whole family this Christmas.
The old tv will be transferred to my son's bedroom. If ever we want to view our favorite films we can watch them anytime we want without having any arguments with my kids.
We are satisfied with the fiberglass internet connection so far. My hubby can download as many films he wants and watch them on our new LCR HDTV.

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