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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kids' Birthday Giveaways

My friend's son had his birthday party last Saturday. I made giveaways for the children.

I put a small auto and some smarties.
Do you make some giveaways when your kids have a birthday party?
Do you have any idea of giveaways?

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Wanna Hear A Dutch Song?

van Marco Borsato

In de verte spreekt een stem
Die ik herken van onze ruzies
Over kleine misverstanden
Over grote desillusies
En ik hoor de kille klanken
Van jouw ingehouden woede
Maar wat kan ik meer dan janken

Als ik dit niet kon vermoeden
In een waas hoor ik je zeggen
Dat je alles op wilt geven
Dat je alles met je meeneemt
Wat me lief is in dit leven
En ik luister hoe jouw woorden
Langzaam opgaan in de zinnen
Die me treffen als een bliksem
Met vernietigende kracht

Deze kilte maakt me gek
En dit gevoel is angstaanjagend
Maar je woorden malen verder
En m'n ogen kijken vragend
Waarom zei je mij niet eerder
Dat je zo van me vervreemd was
Waarom sprak je over liefde
Als je nooit van mij gehouden hebt
Ik verlies het van de wanhoop
En ik voel m'n tranen branden
En ik zou niets liever willen
Dan m'n hoofd weer in jouw handen
Maar wat tot een uur geleden
Nog zo veilig heeft geleken
Is 'n hele grote leugen
En 'n kaartenhuis gebleken

Het is net of iemand anders
In jouw lichaam is gekropen
En ik heb niet eens gemerkt
Dat ie naar binnen is geslopen
Om jouw liefde uit te wissen
En m'n wereld te vernielen
Wil er niemand me vertellen
Dat ik alles heb gedroomd...

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Aladdin's Gold Casino

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I was curious about Aladdin's Gold Casino so I visited the site. They have a welcome bonus of 200%. You can play instantly. No need to download. There are two weekly bonuses this week June 28 - June 20, 2010. You can get $25 free bonus once you have claimed five same coupons of the day. Unlimited 60% up to $1,000 match to play slots and Keno and Scratch cards. Help Aladdin steals the magic lamp by guessing the six letter password to the treasure chest and you could walk away with a huge cash prize. To make it easier, you are given three letters. There are also lockboxes each with just a two letter combination to guess. I think this makes the game exciting.
Of course you do not want to miss the special promotions, weekly bonus and the coupons so visit online slots real money.com to check the details, terms, and conditions of these promotional offers and weekly bonuses. Onlineslots-realmoney.com will show you how to earn money while enjoying the game. They will make your day enjoyable and profitable.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

SuNdaY ReFLecTioN, the GoLdeN RuLe

It exists in both positive (generally structured in the form of "do to others what you would like to be done to you") and negative form (structured in the form of "do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you"). While similar, these forms are not strictly the same; they differ in what to do with what you would like to be done to you and the other party would not like to be done upon it. The negative form does directly not contain this while the positive form can exclude it indirectly with that you would like from others to check if you really like it, which is an example of using the golden rule in a context which makes it self-correcting, as argued in the criticisms section.
What do you think about the "golden rule"?

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My First Chiffon Cake with Icing

My friend's daughter had a birthday party last Saturday June 19, 2010. I baked a cake for her. I tried to put some icing. It is difficult to put icing on a chiffon cake because it is soft but I tried and it worked. Here is my chiffon cake with icing.

I was satisfied with the result but I really want to learn more about cake decorating. With the help of YOuTube I was able to make an icing. I am planning to attend workshops on cake decorating.
Do you have any tips on cake decorating?
Do you have a recipe in making an icing?

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yesterday was the first day of the AVONDVIERDAAGSE.
The Avondvierdaagse starts at 6 p.m. The assembly time is 5:45. We have to register first.

We stopped for ten minutes to have a short break where we can drink and eat our snacks. To lessen the weight of our knapsack which is full of drinks, chips and cookies.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simply YOU Are The BEST

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Without You I Will Not Be Here

The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!

Papa, May the Lord give you more years to enjoy life.

To all Fathers, Happy, happy Father's Day!

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We Love Summer

June 21 begins officially the summertime until Sept.22. In the summer the sun rises around 5:00 a.m. and sets around 10 p.m. Imagine 17 hours daylight, that is fantastic. 11 p.m. it's like 5 p.m. in the Philippines, can you visualize? This is what I like here, summertime. At least I can wear t-shirts and sandals. We can sit the whole night outside. There are no mosquitoes unlike in my homeland that mosquitoes are always having a party every evening.
During summer many people stroll down the parks and some go on picnic on the beach or forest. Everybody stays outside. People are more active and energetic. You will see a whole family biking in the park.
People are very busy beautifying their gardens, putting new plants. Some people spend 200 euros or more for flowering plants to make their garden cosy.
Summertime is bbq time. We had bbq last night. This week we had barbecued two times. We had sausages, hamburgers, chicken filet and wings, paprika, onions, mushrooms and french bread. No rice.
It is fun eating in the garden. After supper the kids played badminton Kevin's favourite game.  Summer...everybody is looking forward to every year.
What do you do during summer in your country?
Do you like barbecuing?
What other meat and veggies good for the barbecue?
Do you also have long daylight?
Do you like summer?

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Car Deserves A New Look

CARiD is here to help change the look of your old classic car to an amazing luxury car. A body kit can be a great way to make your vehicle look cool, exotic and maybe hot. There are several reasons people choose to add or change accessories like body kits, lights, luxurious Wood Dash Kits, glittering Custom Grills, Chrome Trim, Floor Mats, Tail Lights on their vehicles. Due to car accident, old and nonfunctional gadgets people are forced to buy new ones. Many people have LED lights on their vehicles because it is energy saving.
Another reason people choose custom body kit or have latest accessories is because they simply want to change the look of their vehicle.
CARiD has a huge selection of car body kits for almost every make and model of car. Their body kits are of high quality and long lasting piece. They have several body kit options to choose from. The lastest styles from the best manufacturers are in their store. CARiD is the best online store that will give you exactly what you expect and more. Easy to navigate website will give you detailed information on all car, truck and SUV accessories. For a new custom fit body kit and more car accessories, visit carid.com today! Check it out!
The look of your car reflects your personality.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kevin´s School Excursion

Kevin's group had a school trip last Friday, June 11. It was his first time to join a trip with his friends in school. He brought with him snacks, lunch and extra drinks in his knapsack. He was very excited. You can see it in his face.

(on the way to the bus)
(step out from the bus)
They went to a zoo in Amersfoort. We call it Dierenpark Amersfoort. It is one of the biggest zoos in Holland.
When we walked home from school, he told us what he saw in the zoo and experienced in the whole day affair  with his friends. It was a new pace in his life to be away without us.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogspot Added New Features in the Layout

Instead of Layout in Blogspot template, they call it now DESIGN, Template Designer. I have been experimenting the new features in the Design. I like the new features. You have to get used to the new layout because it is more complicated. They added more templates, colors and fonts. You can choose lots of colors and fonts. I am not yet done with my new layout. Hope to finish it soon.

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Used Cars For Sale

Are you looking for a used car?
Ford Direct is the answer. They have a large collection of used cars like Ford cars, Ford Kuga, Fiesta, KA, Fusion, Mondeo etc. If you cannot find the model that you are looking for, Ford Direct do it for you. Name the car brand and they find it your you. To have a brand new car is great but if your budget is not enough to buy one, why not buy a used car. They also sell brand new cars if you prefer.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life is not...

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away."

I received this sayings from my friend. She used to send me short messages like sayings, quotations, jokes and greetings. I really like this quotes that's why I share this to you.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New House...New Furniture

We moved into our new house last year. We had to buy everything from kitchen accessories to bedrooms, living room and kitchen furniture. In the first month we had to use our garden furniture as dining set because we sold our old dining set and the new set was delivered after six weeks. We first bought our dining set and then the corner set. When it comes to furniture we like modern which is made of glass and leather. We have a rectangular glass dining table with four modern chairs and a red leather corner set in our living room. We plan to buy a modern bedroom furniture this year. While surfing on the net, I found so many furniture companies like eroomservice.com. They have lots of furniture collections from kids to office furniture. If ever we are going to buy our bedroom furniture then I want to have this:

This award-winning design catches my sight. We both like red. Our corner set and kitchen cabinets are deep red. This really fits in our interior color. We are not yet done with our furnishings. The last one we are planning to buy is the garden furniture and that will be next year. We will change the old one. We do not have a budget for that this year. We want everything new as much as possible. What an investment!

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Egg shells, the Natural Fertilizer

Egg shells in the plants
Why should you put egg shells in your garden?
Crushed egg shells add valuable nutrients to soil. Calcium is essential for cell growth in all plants. Calcium is especially important for fast growing plants because they quickly deplete the surrounding soil of calcium. Egg shells should be washed before you place them in a compose or into your garden.
Make sure you crush the egg shells before you add them to your garden. Egg shells that are not crushed will break down very slowly.
Ways you can use egg shells grounds in your garden:
Instead of throwing eggs shells away, put them in the bottom of plant pots instead of stones. Egg shells are much lighter than stones and they are a great source of nutrition.
Place egg shells in a circle on top of the ground surface around tender plant stems such as peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage to deter slugs and cutworms.
Place egg shells in the soil near tomatoes. Calcium is very useful to tomatoes because the extra calcium will help prevent blossom end rot.

to walk on eggshells, walks on eggshells, walking on eggshells, walked on eggshells.
(idiomatic expressions)
*To be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily; to try very hard not to upset someone or something.
*To be careful and sensitive, in handling very sensitive matters.

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Cleaning the Windows and Doors

Summer starts mid of June and ends up mid September. The sun rises very early at 5:23.
I set my alarm clock at 6:30 a.m. Maybe you are still dreaming at this time but my day starts. I turn the alarm off, and need sometime to wake up. Rubbing my eyes and rolling on bed to have energy to stand up. With half sleepy eyes I see the sunrays through the window. It's nice to wake up when the radiant cheerfulness of the sun shines to your window . But when you open your window and see immediately the dirt on it, then it's time to clean.
After bringing the kids to school, it is time for me to do the household chores. The first activity of the day is cleaning the windows. I took a pail of water put detergent and vinegar. And clean the windows. The next morning when I opened the window I saw a very bright daylight. It was a bright morning. Never could make your day better than having a beautiful day.
I have read this article in the magazine.
If your glass windows, doors etc. are very dirty, then you can remove it with detergent add into a pail of water and vinegar. Grease and dirt disperse quickly and easily. After cleaning, dries it up with old newspapers. That's it. No more grease and no more stripes. It works.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Daughter Cooks Rice

Whenever I do some chores in the house my daughter asks me if she can also try. So, here she is washing the rice.

My kids like rice especially my son Kevin. He likes buttered chicken and rice.
He is really Filipino. We eat rice once or twice a week.
Cleaning their bedroom and helping the household chores like putting away the dishes after meals are what I ask them to do. I teach them the household chores every now and then.
How about you, do you teach your kids?

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Filipino Food for Lunch

One of my friends invited me for lunch in her house. I cooked shrimps in 7-up last night. I brought it to my friend's house. My other friends also brought something like marinated octopus and fish. We grilled them. I am really craving for dried octopus. My longing for dried octopus was answered. Dried octopus was one of the dishes. So we had grilled fish and octopus, shrimps in coconut milk, tomatoe and cucumber salad, dried octopus, crabs and raw anchovies (kinilaw).
Here are the pictures:

Filipino gatherings is not complete without sing-along. After eating we had sing-along. I am not good in singing. I just watched my friends trying to sing like Celine Dion. LOL!

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