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Monday, November 30, 2009

ThAnKs to BLOg ADveRTisers

This is my way in thanking the blog advertisers for believing in me that I can promote their products and services. For the new bloggers, these are the blog advertising companies which I registered my blog.

So, visit their sites and register your blog now.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

SpARkLinG BiRThdaY gReeTinGs

Happy Birthday Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook
Happy, happy birthday to my sister, Julie (in the Phils.)
We wish you more sparkling years to come
We wish you joy
We wish you long life!
Kisses and hugs from us.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buying GiFTs for SinTeRkLaaS eVeNinG

Two weeks more to go, then it is Sinterklaas on December 5. I've just arrived home from shopping, buying toys for the kids. My gosh, toys are very expensive. We have budgetted for each kid that they will receive 5 or more gifts. Since we have two, so I have to buy more than ten toys. It is very tiresome to look for gifts. I have to look at the price and then the age of the child who can play that certain toy. I have a boy and a girl. I have to go the boys section and then girls section or vice versa. I am not yet done. (sigh, sigh). I will go back next week to buy more gifts. After this festivity is it Christmas so another gifts for Christmas. December is an expensive month.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

H1N1 vaccine is safe

There are already 28 people in the Netherlands who died in Mexican flu. Dutch are now worried about their health. I heard the news that the Minister of Health said that we do not have to worry about the Mexican flu vaccine. The flu shot is completely safe, said Minister Klink, the Minister of Health. If the vaccine was not safe then it was never marketed. His reactions to the people who don't trust the vaccine. Currently only highly risk group will be given the vaccine such as the elderly, pregnant and doctors. Babies from 6 months old and kids until 4 years old will receive the vaccines. This is the latest news about the influenza epidemic.
How about in your country, what does the government do in order to protect his people against this deadly virus?
Are you worried about your health and your family?
We really hope that this will not get worst.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Direct TV

Why not choose DirectTV?
Direct TV offers the following:
150 digital channels.
100% digital quality. Clear pictures and sound for excellent viewing.
High definition. 130 + channels broadcast in high definition like CNN, A&E HD, Showtime HD, HBO HD, Cinemax HD and many more.
Easy and affordable. Setup is  so easy, handling and delivery are free if you buy online.
Service Cost. This is lesser than Cable DVR.
Digital video recording. This is great, DIRECTV plus DVR. You will never miss your favorite shows. You can record up to 100 hours. Plus, DVR scheduler, you can set your DVR with any cellphone or computer. 
Leader in Sport Programming. You can watch sport in high definition throughout the season.
Uninterrupted Shows. You can continue watching shows without interruptions of line servicing.
All these things you can enjoy if you have Directv.
Quality and value. DirectTV is the best Value.
Visit Directv now and learn more about their excellent services.

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DutcH CulTure, `trick or treat´

November 11 was Saint maarten, Dutch version of halloween 'trick or treat' in US. Some children wear costumes and others don´t. They go to houses to ask for candies. They sing first a  special song for Saint Maarten. The children have lanterns with them. These lanterns are often made in school.
Annabel and Kevin didn't join this time because we are new in this neighbourhod. We promised them that they can join next year and of course my hubby will be the chaperon.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Best Guide on Online Shopping

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hoover and Dirt Devil. All opinions are 100% mine.
Christmas is coming. Everybody is busy preparing for the holiday seasons like organizing parties, decorating the house and buying gifts, the busiest season of the year.
I am done making a list of gifts for my husband and kids. Now, I have a problem because I do not like shopping and find it tiresome especially looking for fine gifts with reasonable prices. I know online shopping because my husband buys his stuff online. He never goes out to shop. So, I was browsing around looking for gifts and came across this guide. Dirt Devil Holiday Gift Guide is a guide where you can find everything you want to buy for yourself or others. You just sit down and go through the guide.
You can find 300 ways to save in online shopping. Here are some of the things you can find in the guide.
Best deals are given when you shop on holiday.
Extra gifts when you buy something.
The prices are very interesting.
There is a Deal-A-Day. Some of the products like computers and electronics, general merchandise, kids stuff and toys, pet items, jewelry and watches, tools etc. are cheap.
There is a shopping engines where you can compare prices.
You can save more if you buy in bulk.
Hard-to-find items. Personalized, handmade and specialized items are available.
Free shipping, that is awesome.
The complete guide you ever need. So, no more excuses that you do not have time to buy gifts for your loved ones. Dirt Devil, the best guide on online shopping.
SocialSpark Disclosure Badge

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Monday, November 16, 2009

* Recept van chiffon cake

Joyce, hier is het recept van "Faye chiffon cake"

8 eiwitten
1/2 theelepel cream of tartar (Ik weet het niet in Nederlandse taal)
3/4 kristalsuiker
1/4 theelepel zout
2-1/4 kop gezeefde cake meel
3 theelepel bakpoeder
1/4 kop olie
2/3 kop fanta
8 eigeel

Vulling/ garnering:
jam (zoals frambozen, aardbeien, abricozen, etc.
1/2 liter slagroom (vers of gesteriliseerd)
eventueel. slagroomversteviger
vruchtjes, bloemetjes (wat u maar verzinnen kan)
1 pak banketbakkersroom

Verwarm de oven voor op 175 graden.
De eieren splitsen in eiwit en eigeel.

De eiwitten, suiker en cream of tartar mixen tot het stijf is. Het eigeel mixen daarna de rest van de ingrediƫnten toevoegen. Het beslag moet zo luchtig mogelijk blijven.
Het mengsel in de tulbandvorm gieten.
Bakken gedurende 45 minuten in de voorverwarmde oven. Prik aan het eind van de baktijd even met een tandenstoker. Als de tandenstoker er droog uitkomt, dan is de cake gaar.
De hele vorm met de cake omdraaien en op een rooster laten afkoelen.
Snijd hem dan met een lang mes in twee of drie lagen. Hier komt de jam of vulling tussen. Klop de slagroom zo stijf mogelijk en smeer hem met een mes langs de zijkant van de cake. Deze ingesmeerde rand moet vol met hagelslag, dat gaat het beste met de hagelslag op en bord.
De bovenkant van de cake ook met slagroom besmeren en dan met een slagroomspuit helemaal bedekken met "roosje" o.i.d.
De rest ligt aan uw eigen fantasie en budget.


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gold, the Most Precious Metal

"Gold is forever. It is beautiful, useful, and never wears out. Small wonder that gold has been prized over all else, in all ages, as a store of value that will survive the travails of life and the ravages of time." according to James Blakely
Gold is the most precious metal since it is rare and valuable too. It is often used to make coins and jewelries. Currently gold is not rare anymore because many people are collecting and investing their money in buying gold. They want to preserve their wealth and assets in gold collection. The most popular is the gold bullion coins. This is a wise  investment because the value of gold increases. There is no way that his value will degrade.
Gold comes in different colors like yellowish, red yellow, copper red, whitish etc. But the color of pure gold is metallic yellow. When gold is mixed with white metal like nickel it becomes white gold, that is why we have the white gold.
I have few gold jewelries like necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. I treasured them. One of the things that my children will inherit. They are so precious to me. Time will come that my children will benefit the value of my collections.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

FiRsT PaidposT is IN

I was so happy that Socialspark approved my first paidpost. I sent the post URL last week of October and that was rejected because I sent the wrong post URL. I sent it again and again rejected because the links were wrong. So, I checked if the links were wrong and there I found out when I clicked the links, the site appeared to be NOT FOUND, thus I made another mistake. Yesterday I received an email from Socialspark to edit my post and submit again. So, this morning I edited my post and re-check the post URL and the links before I sent it to Socialspark. I received an email from them 10 minutes ago informing that my post was approved. The post was 7.50 dollars. That was not much but at least they accepted my post. At least they know me now. Hope to receive more opps from them and other blog advertisers. I hope for you too.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

EZY Roller

Ezy roller is a three-wheel cart. It has no pedals, a chain, or batteries. It is very easy to ride this cart. Children will just use their feet to move forward. For kids who have not played or tried rollerblades, they should try this. It has a handbrake which is easy for kids to control and can go as fast as 12mph. Children who are active and energetic, this cart is good for them. Ezy roller glides so smooth that kids will be having fun. A good quality product which will  last long so that children can ride and enjoy this cart for a long time. Wheels and seats are replaceable so if these will outwore you can order them. So, easy to order, just visit their website. Ezy roller comes in three colors pink, red, turquoise blue and suitable for children aged 3-14. Older children need  one or two extension rods which are included. Now they also have ezy roller for two years old kids.
After having a tiresome and lively day, children need to have a good sleep. To create a good night sleep for you and your kids you  should have these personalized pillowcases. Since it is personalized you can choose the color of the threads and ribbons, in short you design your own pillow. The pillow cases fit in all standard size pillow.
How about the little one they also need to have a good nap mat? Mint nap mats are made of fleece, soft for your baby's delicate skin. Easy to carry since it has a carrying strap. It has soft fleece blanket and removable foam pillow. Easy to clean, just remove the pillow and put the rest in the washing machine. A perfect mat when you go on picnic, outing or just for home. Mint personalized nap mats are available in different colors. Visit their website and know more about their products.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


At last we are now in our new house. That is the good news. The unpleasant news is that we have to unpack everything and install the cabinets and beds. My hubby had to install first the computer table so that we can use the computer. We found a nice place for the computer table near the kitchen and living room. I can still sit behind the computer every now and then while I am cooking. After unpacking I have to put them to the right places. In the kitchen I have to put the kitchenwares in a place where I can grab them immediately when I need them. We are not yet done. I still have few boxes left to be open.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Discover Europe through Euro Trains

Travelling in trains is the best way to see and explore Europe. You stop from one station to another. You see the beauty of the European countries within few days because it is very fast. They have arranged tour which is affordable. They arrange everything for you. Experiencing rail travel in Europe will be amazing, memorable and fun with Euro Trains. Euro Trains are very popular, the most convenient and affordable way in visiting the most countries in Europe. For your visit to Europe let Euro Trains arrange your holidays from tickets to hotels.

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PaCk and Go

If moving was as easy as on the picture then it was not tiresome at all.
We are now very busy  packing our things since we will be moving to our new house on November 3. Some of the boxes are still open. I told my husband to leave it open since we don't know if we need things that are already in the boxes. But the boxes which we are really sure that we don't need those things anymore are already close. A while ago my husband was angry, he forgot some important papers, those papers were already in the box and he could not find the box anymore, (i just kept quiet) after opening five boxes there he found the folder. It was a relief for him since we need the papers tomorrow. It's tiresome and irritating. Every now and then I take some break, I sit behind the computer to check my blogs and e-mails. Moving  is really tiresome. Hope we will be settled soon in our new house.

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Custom made Pearl Jewelries

When you see and say pearls, you associate them to the celebrities and rich people.
When someone talks about pearls you immediately think that pearls are expensive.
Pearls at this time are affordable if you buy them by the experts.
I have never seen freshwater pearls but while googling something for my mother-in-law, I came across this Website of pearls. They have lots of pearl products like necklaces, earrings, bracelets and many more. Their pearls are not ordinary, they are extraordinary because they are cultured. The pearl colors and designs are amazing, you should visit their Website.
Do you have pearl jewelries?
Have you seen fresh water cultured pearls?

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